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There are 10 agricultural producer’s cooperatives, 1 regional agricultural unitary company, 1 private joint-stock company, 2 public joint-stock companies and 1 agricultural republican associated unitary company, 6 agricultural farms in the region. The region specializes in producing meat and dairy products, grain crops and flax.

In 2005, the industry of the region was represented by 12 companies, including 2 public joint-stock companies, 1 branch of a private joint-stock company, 2 unitary private companies, 1 joint-venture.

The industry of the region is represented by nine enterprises and a number of small businesses.

As to infrastructure development and social programmes, high on the region’s agenda are the following objectives:

- Construction, reconstruction of the road networks.

- Construction, reconstruction and modernization of water supply systems.

- Modernization of the heating system in residential areas.

- Construction of new apartments.

- Energy saving

- Modernization of telecommunication network.

The Novogrudok Region Executive Committee is considering attracting Poland investments via setting up joint ventures. Commercial entities of all ownership patterns, self-employed entrepreneurs, Belarus citizens can be participants in the joint ventures. Business areas include manufacturing, services, tourism and others.

Catalogue of Investment Projects of Novogrudok Region

Renovation of the Novogrudok Regional Centre of Culture;

Renovation of the local history museum;

Renovation of the Adam Mitskevich’s Museum;

Development of the town’s park (installation of amusement rides, renovation of the dance floor);

Construction of a utility waste processing plant;

Construction of a drinking water bottling line (water reserves and mining equipment are available)

Construction of a sports centre;

Furnishing and equipping the renovated biathlon centre Selets.

Phone +375-1597- 22576, 23757

Business proposal to set up facilities to produce bottled water

According to the information provided by the Belarusian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, there is an underground fresh water system in the vicinity of the village of Naliboki of the Novogrudok region. The water from wells No 41933/87 and No45118/88 meets the sanitary standards of the Republic of Belarus “The hygienic requirements to the quality of bottled drinking water” except for minimal content of nitrates – 46.2mg/dm3і.

There are all prerequisites to set up a facility to produce bottled water.

There are clay deposits in the village of Valevka of the Novogrudok region. The clay can be used in ceramics production. The commercial reserves of the clay in the area are estimated at 620,000 cubic metres (the village of Makrets); 171,000 cubic metres (the village of Bor), 86,000 cubic metres (the village of Benin).

There is a sand and gravel deposit (842,000 cubic metres) in the village of Molnichi.

There are cretaceous deposits in the village of Krivonogovo (commercial reserves – 139,000 tonnes) and in the village of Novoselki (commercial reserves – 404,000 tonnes).

The Novogrudok Regional Executive Committee will consider all the proposals regarding the setting up of a fresh water bottling facility.

For further information, please, contact: +375-1597- 22576, +375-1597- 23757.

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Basic kinds of products, works and services

Industrial Companies


Novogrudok Gas-Fitting Plant

Director – Viktor Turliuk

Address: 109, Mitskevicha street, Novogrudok, 231400

Phone: (+375 1597) 23628, 23323, 21742, 24342
Fax: 34297

  1. Gas cylinders;
  2. Valves, pressure- sensitive switchers for gas and water;
  3. Component parts for gas stoves and heating boilers;
  4. Equipment to convert cars and trucks into LPG and CNG;
  5. Gas meters;
  6. Dry chemical fire extinguisher;
  7. Consumer goods;
  8. Gas-cylinder equipment installation and servicing.


Novogrudok Clothing Factory

Director – Alina Bakhar

Address: 39, Sovetskaya street, Novogrudok, 231400

Phone: (+375 1597) 23621, 22904, 23684
Fax: 23689

  1. Suits for men;
  2. Suits for boys;
  3. Coats, jackets, skirts, trousers, dresses and blouses;
  4. Tailoring service.


Leor Plastic Joint Venture
Director – Boris Krotin

Address: 38a, Sverdlova street, Novogrudok, 231400

Phone: (+375 1597) 24413, 24548, 23693
Fax: 24211

  1. Fish preserves;
  2. Fish and vegetable salads;
  3. Seafood salads;
  4. Smoked fish;
  5. Plastics articles – press moulds production;
  6. thermoplastics.


Novogrudok Dairy Plant
Director – Alexander Bir

Address: 59, Pervogo Maya street, Novogrudok, 231400

Phone: (+375 1597) 23748, 23358,
20920, 21446, 25000
Fax: 26902

  1. powdered skim milk;
  2. full cream milk powder;
  3. milk substitute;
  4. cheese;
  5. butter;
  6. casein;
  7. dairy products.


Novogrudok Metalware Plant
Director – Aleksey Ris

Address: 37, Mitskevicha street, Novogrudok, 231400

Phone: (+375 1597) 21221, 22480, 21740
Fax: 21209

  1. metal boxes and cash boxes;
  2. metal mesh;
  3. nails;
  4. wire-ware;
  5. shelves for libraries;
  6. production of metalware by customer’s order.


Efaton BelTIZ
Director – Ivan Ermakov

Address: 19, Oktyabrskaya street, Novogrudok, 231400

Phone: (+375 1597) 27398, 22432,
Fax: 23690

  1. Filter elements for purification of oil, fuel, air and hydraulic oil systems of vehicles and special equipment.


Novogrudok Bakery
Director – Andrei Parkalov

Address: 67, Volchetskogo street, Novogrudok, 231400
Phone: (+375 1597) 21431, 28122
Fax: 21466

  1. Bakery products;
  2. confectionary.


Novogrudok Winery
Director – Oleg Zhernak

Address: 6, Mitskevicha street, Novogrudok, 231400

Phone: (+375 1597) 21518, 20825
Fax: 20746

  1. wines;
  2. soft drinks;

Additional products:

  1. building tile;
  2. ferroconcrete fence.


Novogrudok Uniform Factory
Director – Piotr Sosinsky

Address: 61, Lenina street, Novogrudok, 231400
Phone: (+375 1597) 21259, 20780
Fax: 20781

  1. uniform;
  2. tailoring service.